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Andre Silva 

Frequent Guest 

I try to keep every new tattoo project as daring and spontaneous as an uncontainable dark joke at a fancy dinner party: not everyone will understand, but who gets it will love it.

When I start a new tattoo project with a client,  two minds sync and we develop a concept for the body together. Exchanging ideas that will then evolve into a unique tattoo.

Working freehand is a perfect method to preserve the spontaneous nature of this approach, which always results in an unexpectedly more personal and creative experience, for both me and the client. 

I'm fascinated by dark themes because of the infinite sources of inspiration I can pull from music, movies, personal experiences and dreams. I love sculpting shapes and textures freely but meticulously, which is a never-ending call for improvement. This is also why I don't limit myself to a specific set of themes or subjects, but rather use the best of my abilities to develop a unique interpretation of any idea or subject.






Resident artist

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