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Penny Lind

co-Owner & Resident Artist

Penny Lind is a Danish artist who’s been exploring the world since 1989.

She finds inspiration in many places and has traveled various countries in South and Central America including Chile, Argentina, Peru. and Mexico, as well as parts of South Asia and Eastern Europe, all of which have influenced her creative style and process. She creates art to translate thoughts and feelings into expression. Penny specializes in ink painting and tattooing, but also enjoys working with acrylic paint and drawing.


Her style is often inspired by obscurity and gloom but she can find motivation and inspiration in nearly anything she sees. Among the experiences that really capture her imagination are autumn walks through misty forests. She connects  with the art community through her work as a professional tattooer and is just beginning to enter the world of painting.


When people see her work, she hopes they experience the same drive to explore the unknown that motivates her to create.






Resident artist

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